Anna Nguyen

Multimedia Journalist

About Me

Anna grew up in Arlington, Texas . Growing up, she was always curious about the world around her. She was never afraid to meet new people and ask questions. Her curiosity led her to take a journalism course in high school. It was like a light bulb went off in her head, and she knew journalism was her passion. 

She graduated summa cum laude from the Frank and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with a concentration in broadcast and minors in marketing and social science. While at UNT, she participated in NTDaily News and NTDaily Radio, which gave her experience in both print and broadcast writing. She’s able to do stand-ups; shoot and write VOs, VOSOTs, and packages; edit video in multiple software and write for both print and broadcast. 

Anna’s experience also extends outside the classroom. She has interned with the Seacrest Studios/Red Balloon Network in Dallas, Texas and KXII News 12 in Sherman, Texas. While at Seacrest Studios, she produced and anchored two weekly shows, hosted morning shows and game shows, broadcasted radio announcements and got experience with a Tricaster. That internship left a lasting impact on Anna’s heart because she loved interacting with the patients at the hospital and seeing how their faces would light up when they entered the studio. While at KXII, she participated in the morning and afternoon news meetings, shadowed reporters and shot and edit her own stories. She really enjoyed seeing the day to day tasks of a news reporter and how stories were created from beginning to end. She also learned the importance of deadlines and news judgement. 

Anna’s excited to see where her journalism career takes her.